Music is like a very good friend. It can pick you up when you’re down, it can carry you when things are on the up. It compliments any mood and setting and filters into many scenarios. It keeps me company when I’m walking along or just sat around doing not very much at all. It lulls me to sleep some days and i’ll often play it in the mornings whilst I’m waking up, getting ready to start a new day. It’s there when I go out, makes me dance daftly. It helps me focus at other times, whilst I write or cook or anything really. When I’m creating music it allows me to vent / release and realise my feelings and thoughts into sounds. I love reading about it and finding out about it’s history. I love talking about it; all different kinds of music from all around the world and from different points in time. There’s a lot to be discovered and uncovered and it just keeps coming.

I’m enjoying working on new songs and sounds at the moment. We’ve also got some lovely gigs coming up which i’m really looking forward to including a trip to Denmark in May! Check out the tour page for more details. 

This morning I’ve been listening to Hania Rani’s ‘Glass’. It’s a very beautiful and inspiring piece and I can’t wait for her album which is coming in the Spring!