Corner of the web & LOMA

by | May 12, 2018 | Blogs, Music | 0 comments

Since I was a little girl I have filled dairies, notebooks and sketchbooks; scribbling and documenting all sorts. I love doing that and I thought I might share some things with you here. I have Spotify playlists going back to 2012, along with a growing record collection and busy calendar of gig going, so that’s what I plan to include here in this little corner of the web.

LOMA – ‘I Don’t Want Children’

I keep replaying the song ‘I Don’t Want Children’ by the band Loma and it still has the same stop me in my tracks effect on me; it is so stunning. It’s made up of lovely imagery filled lyrics:

Now I see them
Lying in the sun
His head on my knee
Watching a cloud
Change from a horse to a dragon

Or her eyes
Looking into mine
And seeing her
I would see you

I think it is truly beautiful. When I first heard it I was sitting in my van parked up on the drive, looking out the window and I must have played it over again at least 5 times, it made me feel so peaceful. It’s one of those songs that just grabbed me – I love it when that happens!